Are You Using Your Gifts?

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use

them well to serve one another.1 Peter 4:10 NLT

The Bible contains grave warnings about living in the end times. As Christ’s return for His church approaches, we are cautioned to maintain clarity of thought and self-discipline. We are urged to be sober in action and vigilant in prayer. We are to have sincere love for one another, understanding that love covers a multitude of faults, and we are to extend gracious hospitality to all with whom we come in contact without grumbling.

One more caution is to use our spiritual gifts with diligence and discernment. Each gift is a sacred stewardship that Christians receive from the Lord for the edification of the saints and God’s glory. Everyone has God-given gifts that they did not earn — gifts given to them by God’s grace. Whether we know it or want to agree with it, this is a truth from the Bible. These gifts are not given so that people can brag about them. Instead, they are given, released, and turned on so that people can see God. And these powerful gifts are already inside you, waiting for you to claim them and use them.

Christians are endowed with spiritual gifts to serve a particular purpose within the body of Christ. Each member receives at least one spiritual gift, and Peter encourages us to be faithful stewards of everything the Lord gives us. Our gifts vary based on the grace God bestows on each of us, and we are instructed to use them in proportion to the amount of faith we have received.

Peter explained that the spiritual gifts we get from God should result in a joyous outpouring of His grace to others. The purpose of gifts is not our enjoyment but the improvement of the body of Christ. Grace should become a conduit for God’s bounty, which is gladly poured forth in service to others for His greater glory and acclaim.

If you have believed and acted like so many others, waiting for the appropriate time to use your God-given talents, you have been employing the incorrect strategy! It is time for you to realize the gifts God has placed inside you and to begin using them as God intends. You have been expecting God to do something extraordinary, but He has already done so by blessing you. You must begin releasing them immediately for the benefit of everyone around you!

Based on my personal experience and my ministry-related interactions with others, I can tell you this: Those who wait for a dream-like opportunity to apply their talents are typically disappointed. They wait forever, even though God, who gave them the gifts, has already permitted them to use them for Him. In fact, as stewards of His grace, He has directed them to manage these resources and use them to satisfy the needs of others. Even those with the lowest selfesteem are greatly gifted by the Spirit of God, albeit they are simply unaware of their presence. The Holy Spirit within you has already enabled and equipped
you, so start utilizing your heavenly tools waiting to be activated. There is no need to procrastinate any longer; you have access to a wealth of heavenly resources within you, and it is time to start putting them to use!

Can you imagine the impact we could have on the local vision of Linked UP North if every person would get involved somehow? There are more than 10 Dream Teams. If every person were to serve in some capacity, most members would have to protest against serving once a month. Some say there are not any Connect Groups that interest them. I say, “Why don’t you start a Connect Group based on your interest and help disciple others?”


Are you aware of your grace-given gifts? Have you put them to use? Are there other grace gifts you have but have been afraid to use? What are you doing to cultivate your gifts? Find a way to get involved if you are not serving in your local church or community.


Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of the indwelling Holy Spirit and the spiritual gifts that You have bestowed upon me through Your love and grace. I refuse to go another day without using these grace-given gifts. I will use the gifts and graces entrusted to me for the benefit of the body of Christ and Your greater acclaim and glory. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

Upcoming Connect 21 Events

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