Be Bold

Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy

and find grace to help in time of need.Hebrews 4:16 NKJV

When we approach the Lord in prayer, we never have to worry about being too direct, too brave, too straightforward, too honest, too loud, or even too blunt in baring our souls to Him or equesting His help. We should never be irreverent, but we should also not be ashamed to say what is on our minds. When you go to the Lord, He wants to hear exactly what you have to say! As the scripture continues, it exhorts us to “…approach boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may get mercy, and find grace to aid in time of need.”

We have tremendous comfort in Christ Jesus, our Lord, because He is our Great High Priest and mediator in heaven. He is both the all-powerful God and the merciful Redeemer. He is all-knowing, but He also possesses enormous compassion and goodness. He is the eternal Son of God, who created the universe, and the loving Son of Man, who died and rose again so that we may approach the throne of grace through trust in Him.

This verse fills our hearts with joy, for the Throne of Grace is the eternal throne of the Lord of heaven and earth, whose mercy throne has forever covered our sins. By His grace, the veil of the temple, which separated man from God, is ripped in half from top to bottom, granting access to the presence of our Heavenly Father. Through Christ, we have been graciously invited to approach God’s Throne of Grace in times of need.

Jesus is seated at the right side of the Father in heaven, and we are asked to approach Him confidently: “Let us therefore approach with boldness the throne of grace.” We should not quiver in fear before His majestic presence. Instead, we are encouraged to approach Him and continue approaching His throne without fear or uncertainty. We are to approach Him in an unrestrained, continual, relentless, and persistent manner.

He is not a faraway deity before whom we must cower and grovel. He merits our respect, adoration, and gratitude since He is our wonderful God and eternal Creator. No living creature in heaven or on Earth can hide from His searching gaze. In His omniscience, He is aware of everything. He reads our innermost thoughts. He studies our mental motivations. Everything is exposed to His pure gaze and holy presence.

In Christ, we have been asked to confidently enter the heavenly throne room and boldly approach God’s throne, so that we may gain mercy and find the grace we need to assist others in times of need. But we must never allow our familiarity with the gospel of God to weaken our appreciation for the immense privileges that flow to each of His children like a torrent. This incredible privilege is granted to EVERYONE who the blood of the Lamb has redeemed; no one is excluded.

This kind invitation has not been issued based on our merit or worthiness. This God of grace and love is also a God of righteousness and justice. He is the God whose redemptive purpose stipulated that ALL sin must be punished. And by His grace, Jesus took the sin of the world upon Himself so that we may be redeemed by grace. Only through faith in Christ are we justified, absolved of sin, and clothed in the complete righteousness of Christ.

We possess this incredible right because of the merit, worthiness, greatness, and virtue of Christ’s sacrificial offering of Himself on the cross for our sake. We have no trust in ourselves. Our trust is based on what Christ has already accomplished for us. Our assurance rests on His triumphant cry: “It is completed!” We are welcomed by God, in the Beloved, across time, and throughout eternity because of the worth of God’s only-begotten Son.

We are not commanded to enter the throne-room of heaven with fearful trepidation but to approach His throne of divine power and majesty with the confidence of a child approaching his beloved Father, knowing that the sacrificed Lamb of God, offered by the High Priest of God for our sin, is sufficient. We are saved by God’s favor through trust in His death, burial, and resurrection. Christ, the Lamb of God and magnificent, heavenly High Priest, has thrown open the golden door to the Most Holy Place for those who believe in His name.

Can you think of somebody who needs some assistance for healing, salvation, finances, peace, or deliverance? Be bold and willing to go to God’s throne on their behalf and for your own needs.


Father, I come boldly to You with the needs I face (or the needs of someone else). I have erroneously lacked confidence and failed to be truthful with You about these issues, but I now understand that You want me to be upfront, forthright, and direct with You about them. Today I approach You confidently, anticipating that You will battle in my defense! In Jesus’ name, I pray.

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