Don’t Move!

But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the

sea driven and tossed by the wind. 7 For let not that man suppose that he will

receive anything from the Lord.James 1:6-7 NKJV

When faced with a difficult issue, it is no secret that the devil will try to shake you off your faith. However, at this critical juncture, when he is exerting maximum effort, you must be conscious that you are at a fork in the road. You must make a critical decision: You can either give up or stand up and say, “I refuse to get pushed from my stance of faith! The Bible is true, and I am not backing down!”

Do not feel ashamed if you have previously struggled to maintain your faith in the face of the enemy’s pressure. If the devil has knocked you off your feet, get back up and try again. Suppose you want to experience a breakthrough in a challenging circumstance or predicament with which you have struggled for a long time. In that case, you must adopt a courageous position of faith and then stay motionless.

Yes, your response may take some time to appear. Even though your request agrees with God’s Will, the answer may not always arrive immediately or without a hiccup. There is a devil that does not want you to know God’s will for your life. You may also have to deal with your lack of faith. Faith is clear about what it desires. It does not sway. It is immobile. Faith is frozen in place. So, make your audacious faith declaration: “God, this is Your promise, and I want Your will for my life. I’m going to stay right here until I get it!”

James gives the believer some specific instructions: “ask with confidence and in faith.” We must be so confident in the appropriateness of our request that we pray assertively and firmly believe that we shall receive what we ask. Our faith must be unwavering. You cannot be in doubt, meaning your lips say one thing while your heart believes another. You are not asking in faith if what you speak with your mouth and what you believe in your heart disagree.

James says that if we waiver in our faith, we will not receive anything from the Lord. Have you ever prayed for something and found your prayer changing over time? Maybe you began praying for God to make you a millionaire, and the manifestation took too long as God gave you wisdom for a witty invention that would change the world. You stopped believing for millions and then began asking God to meet your basic needs.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons your prayer request has not been fulfilled. Maybe you have never put your faith in that particular need. Do you change your mind or waver in doubt about what you have asked God for every few days – or perhaps every year? Certain answers to prayer can often take years to appear. That is why it is critical to concentrate and stay committed to your faith. You must stand motionless and proclaim, “This is it!”

“Faith stands still.” I recommend you say this aloud. Repeat it until the truth is firmly implanted in your heart. Moving around and vacillating in your faith all the time makes it hard for God to bless you. However, when you decide, “I believe God for this answer, and I am not changing my posture of faith about it,” the answer will come. So, based on God’s promises in His Word, decide what you desire and need today. Then, recite a prayer of faith and resolve not to move until you see that manifestation. No matter how long it takes, remember that faith stands still!

For what are you in faith? Do you have scripture for it? If not, find a scriptural reference that supports what you are requesting from God. When trials come, you will have a foundation on which to stand.


I am sorry, Father, for the times I have professed my confidence in you, only to have later my convictions shaken by logic, emotion, or experience. I agree that wavering like that constitutes being of two minds, and I will not receive anything from you. I know that pleasing You necessitates faith on my part. To that end, I will choose to do what will make You happy, Father. Knowing that You bless those who seek You with unwavering devotion, I have resolved to stand firm in my faith until the full manifestation of Your blessing in my life. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

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