Pursuit of Purpose

But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God

Acts 20:24 KJV

In this verse, the Apostle Paul makes it clear that he understands his life’s purpose, and he accepts whatever may need to take place to fulfill it. He had determined that nothing was more important than spreading the gospel, not even saving his own life. The Holy Spirit revealed to Paul hard times, trouble, hardships, or even imprisonment would come his way if he went to Jerusalem.

Many of us have had to maneuver through challenges similar to Paul’s: COVID, challenging days, colleagues getting on our last nerve, not enough communication, too much communication, and many have even thought, “Somebody, free me from these children!

When pursuing our purpose, we must be Spirit-filled and God-led to triumph over our challenges. There may be people who can mentor us, give advice, and most certainly pray for us, but no one can show us the details of our path, like the One who created us. There are three important components to pursuing purpose: your life, your course, and your ministry.

Your Life: Be determined to walk and flow in your purpose. Life can be viewed as a balance sheet, a cumulative sum of assets compared to liabilities. The anointing God places on us are divine assets. On the other hand, liabilities are weights that collectively impede pursuing our purpose. These stumbling blocks can be a result of trying to do it our own way. We could have been introduced to the school of hard knocks by our own doing or life itself.

We should not allow setbacks, setups, or accolades to move us. We should be like Paul – single-minded about our purpose, which is tied to our gifting. Strive to be resolute, determined, decisive, Spirit-filled, and God-led. Do not let outside influences move you. Give weight to the inside, the hidden man of the heart! It all means very little if the influence does not contribute to your purpose.

Your Course:Running your course will involve elements of risk! You must see yourself as a runner for Jesus. Do not jump the gun; do not get ahead of purpose. Do not start before the Lord sounds the signal. Do not get disqualified by moving too soon! And, above all, do not compare yourself to others.

During some seasons, you will run a relay. Wait for the baton to be handed to you. Wait for the door to be opened. In some cases, wait for the door to be closed. If you drop the baton at the hand-off point, you will miss the Holy Spirit. Your lane has been designed for you. You have been equipped to run in your lane and your lane only. No one else can run your race. Stay in it; do not run out of your lane. If you do, you run the risk of losing your way, stepping into someone else’s lane, or getting so far off track that you lose valuable time trying to find your way back.

Your Ministry: Your ministry was “received of the Lord.” You are a steward. As stewards, we own little to nothing, but we possess so much! God expects us to be faithful, just like He is faithful. He would not ask us to be something that He is not. The Bible states that stewards must be found faithful (1 Corinthians 4:2 NKJV). God does not make mistakes. It is your faithfulness in worship, in praise, in service, and obedience to His direction that will enable you to testify of the grace of the gospel.

Our Dream Team, a group of volunteers that serve in front of and behind the scenes to fulfill the vision of Linked UP North, freely use the assets of the Church, but they do not own anything. Yet they are all entrusted to make decisions that impact Linked UP’s bottom line – to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is an example where nothing is owned, but all is possessed. God expects you to be a great steward over what He has graced you with to accomplish His purpose.

Know that every interaction you have, every road you choose, every computer key you touch, every chair you straighten, every phone call you field, every cup of water you give, every embrace you receive, every hand you lend…all involves Jesus. All of it is ministry!


Did you jump the gun? Miss the baton? Step out of your lane? There is one mission we all share! And that is to be motivated to please an audience of one! Consult with God to make sure that your vision aligns with His vision for your life, your course, and your ministry.

Father, I will run the course You have set before me. Help me to see where I have gotten off track. Be the lamp unto my feet and the illumination unto my path. Help me not to miss You to the left or to the right. Show me how to run my race in ways that bring pleasure to You! In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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