Teach Me, God!

One day, as Jesus was in prayer, one of his disciples came over to him as he finished and said, “Would you teach us a model prayer that we can pray, just like John did for his disciples?”

Luke 11:1 TPT

“You are leading preservice prayer this weekend.” Those were the words given to me by the Senior Assistant Pastor of our previous church. Wait, what?! I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. How could I pray in front of this entire congregation?

I was the youngest member of the ministerial staff. I had recently graduated from Rhema Bible College. Yes, I had prayed many times privately and even publicly in our Connect Group, but never in front of several hundred people. I felt I wasn’t ready. My mind was racing with thoughts of inadequacies.

Then, Holy Spirit reminded me of His Words, “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” (John 15:7 KJV). That is it. All I had to do was pray the Word of God that I knew, and everything would be alright. I could not aim to impress anyone with what I asked for in prayer because God is not responsible for fulfilling my personal requests unless it lined up with His Word. I prayed, and the rest is history.

Since then, I have seen God do many miracles, signs, and wonders not because I prayed for them for myself. Instead, I have prayed for them in the lives of others, and God, in turn, gives me the hidden desires of my heart. In prayer, I have made mere mentions of having or doing something beyond my own ability, and God has manifested those things. There was no “ask” or “in Jesus’ Name” or even any “Dear Heavenly Father” when it came to personal fulfillment. But, I believe that God responded to my prayers for others and then manifested those hidden treasures for me! He loves us that much!

When we do not make our Christian journey about ourselves but about others, God is pleased and wants to spur us on to continue considering others. Step one in considering others is to pray for them. This selfless expression of love glorifies God and advances His Kingdom!

Consider praying for others just as much or more than you pray for yourself. Petition God on behalf of others who have nothing to do with your personal prayers. Look for Him to manifest answered prayers regarding your individual situation.

Dear Heavenly Father, as I spend time in prayer, fill me with the desire to pray for others as I pray for myself. May I be selfless in my prayers and align them with your Word. I thank you in advance for hearing me and answering me when I pray. I know that You love me enough to know the deep desires of my heart. I declare that I will recognize You when You move in my life, and I give You the praise and glory due to your name, in Jesus’ name!

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