Purpose and Calling

For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.

Romans 11:29 NKJV

Everyone has a calling but for different purposes. Whenever we hear the word “calling,” we often associate it with a spiritual vocation, like a pastor, prophet, or evangelist. God loves diversity, especially as it relates to purpose and calling. He called David to be a king, while He called Esther as a queen to stand up for the Jews and defend their cause. Samson, Peter, and Nehemiah were alsocalled by God, but each had different responsibilities.

Your gifts, passion, strength, and anointing are all connected to your calling and effective in the area in which God has called you to function. We need to work within the confines of the gifts He has given us. We do not need to competewith anyone else. Allow God to use what He gifted in you.

Did you know that the gifts, your skills, God established in you are permanent? Reread today’s scripture. If something is irrevocable, it means that thing cannot be changed or reversed. Often, skills lie dormant and become redundant when we do not exercise them.

You may be asking yourself, “How can I know my calling to exercise my gifts?” Well, there are only a few occasions in the Bible where God directly spoke to people about their calling: Moses and the burning bush, Saul on the road to Damascus, and a few others. Yet, there are still ways to know your calling.

Sometimes, a person’s calling is born out of a burning passion for change, and once they take a step towards it, God will back them up. Nehemiah was passionate about the temple and knew its safety depended on rebuilding Jerusalem’s wall. He prayed and fasted for four months before deciding to return to Jerusalem to do so. God did not speak to him directly, but the second chapter of the Book of Nehemiah tells us that God put it in Nehemiah’s heart. Once Nehemiah makes up his mind, God backs him up by giving him the resources, strength, finances, and people needed.

Also, callings are sometimes born out of “positional responsibility” or expectations after assuming an office. The third chapter of Esther details Haman’s plan to destroy the Jews. However, when Esther became the queen, she took the risk and responsibility to stand up for the Jews, and by doing so, God backed her up.

If God has spoken to you directly about your calling, do not passively wait for Him; your gifts, personalities, talents, strengths, and passion always indicatewhat He has called you to do. Heeding our calling too late in life limits the length of our relevance to the people, environment, or generation in which God has sent us. Listen to the Holy Spirit and heed your call to live the life God intended for you


Do you sense that you are operating in your purpose and calling? If not, pray and seek God, follow the wisdom from this devotion, and begin to pursue your natural inclinations and passions, which align with God’s will.


Father God, help to recognize my gifts and give me the courage to pursue my calling. I ask for wisdom to pursue my passions in a way that always brings You glory in Jesus’ Name.

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